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"Extra funding helps schools maintain their grounds and buildings. It makes a nice environment for the kids, and parents."

 Julie, mother of four.


Newsletter Services for Australian Churches.

Along with the internet has come this simple and safe new opportunity for Australian Public and Private schools to add to their funding pool, while at the same time saving on some costs.

There is approximately 5 million school age children in Australia according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Including older siblings, parents and other relations these children have a connection with more than 50% of the Australian population, over 10 million other Australians.

Public and private schools have an opportunity to tap into funding generated by this very large group of Australians in a very simple and highly effective way that does not require any more administration that is currently required, in fact we can demonstrate that our approach to school fund raising will reduce administration.

The answer is the newsletter communication that you are already sending to parents and other relations.

The key is to provide sponsorship style funding from major and minor corporations, pre-approved by the school, by giving them access to put their message on your newsletter as you choose.

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Newsletter Services for Australian Churches